19 07 2010

A story I was working on sometime back, I may bring it back to life? the idea came from playing a very basic game from this site Here.

The city has been quarantined.

Since the outbreak of an unknown virus, the recently deceased have risen, and now walk the streets that they once called home. In a fit of panic, the government sanctioned off the city perimeter, posted guard stations and then began the arduous task of processing the survivors as they were picked up, all the time doing their best to stem the wave of infection. At least, that was the plan…

The survivors have found themselves mostly abandoned, the electricity long since dead after the power station suddenly shut down. The streets are in disarray, factions of survivors murdering others in an attempt to police their own blocks, vainly hoping that help will soon be on the way. People from all walks of life now fight alongside each other, and amongst each other, though with ammunition and medical aid dwindling, the fighters must turn scavengers, trawling the Police departments and gun stores for ammunition, tearing apart the hospitals for medical aid, barricading their makeshift HQ’s against the next wave of ambling bodies lurching down the street

Here’s how Dominik’s story starts…

PT 1     “WTF”

“ARE YOU FUCKIN’ KIDDING ME?!”  I yelled as I found out the devastating news, I felt weak, like i could’ve fell,  but I couldn’t,  I had to go, go before something terrible happened.  “I’m going and if you plan to stop me, you’re gonna to have to shoot me!” I screamed as I grabbed the Colonel’s wrist which held a pistol in it. The older man whips his hand back as I grabbed it. I’m outta here, fuck him and everything that follows him, I thought to myself. “You’ll be court-martialled Sergeant Taylor…TAYLOR!”  The old man responds as I continued to walk with a purpose. “Think I give a damn!?” I said to the egotistical old shit. As I walked away I heard the old bastard turn to call attention to a few other soldiers, he barked, “that son-of-a-bitch assaulted me, apprehend him immediately!” What the hell? I never touched him, shit I gotta get outta here quick! The men quickly readied their weapons and made chase as I jumped into the Colonel’s civilian Hummer and headed to the nearby airfield.


As I pulled the Hummer up to a helicopter I saw two soldiers nearby. The first is some private; I don’t know him…. good. “The Colonel needs to be picked up right away Private, he’s at Headquarters, move out while I help the chief prep the bird.”

 “Yes Sergeant,” said the private. The unassuming soldier took the Hummer and headed in the direction of HQ, the other vehicles give chase unaware that I’m not driving any longer. He should be fine, he had deniability.  “What the hell are you doing Taylor?” asked Warrant Officer Parelly.  I knew him back before he got his rank, before he went to flight school. He knew me a good as anyone around here.

“Look man, I gotta get in there” as I pointed to the evacuated city. “I know it’s a fucked situation T, but I can’t, they’d have my ass for sure!” he said.  I looked at him in total desperation, “what would you do if you were me?”

he shakes his head “hurry get in, you owe me BIG time!”


We flew into the city “here is your stop, I can’t wait for you, I’m gonna have a hella time trying to figure out how to explain this!” said Parelly. I hooked up a line and hooked in to rappel out into the city.  A flare was shot towards the helicopter, startling the pilot, the helicopter jeered and I fell to, and through a small rooftop of a garage knocking myself unconscious. I awake, not sure where to start, but I need to hurry. I hope nothing’s happened.

Pt2 “Awake in a Nightmare”




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