Awake in a Nightmare

22 07 2010

continuation of Dominik.  to read Pt 1 click here


PT 2    “Awake in a Nightmare”

I awake from the fall. Oh, damn I hurt everywhere. I sat up slowly.

I look up, through the tin roof that I crashed through, rubbing the back of my neck and head…no sign of the bird.
He got outta dodge fast, or have I been out that long?
I wish I could’ve at least had my gear. That’d be nice.
If I remembered right, I was over Edgecombe when I fell. As I continue to talk to myself I get a better look around…I’m in some sort of warehouse, wonder if there’s anything useful around?
Nothing…my luck has got to turn around soon!
….or not…
Gun shots nearby, I rush to one of the barricaded windows and peer out. Looks as if a police station has a few individuals in it, lights are on, and gunshots coming from near the front.  Here goes nothing… as I rush towards the police station I think why in the hell would I run towards the gunshots, well maybe I can grab some weapons of my own.
As I approached the front of the beaten, boarded up Police station I see one most frightening things in my life, “Zombies” chewing on this woman, I was frozen shocked.


I sprint at such a pace even Carl Edwards would have a problem keeping up, over to the dead man kneeling, grab the flesh rotting head and rip it from its diseased neck and then spun around and heel-kick the now-standing torso about 10 feet away.  I’m enraged, I try not to scream because if I do every zombie near would come running and I’d have another problem, if I even give a shit at the moment. I can’t contain it! I was too late….”I WAS TOO LATE!!”

I break down over the limp body of my wife, when I hear a scuffing sound behind me…there’s a little girl with a lifeless wander walking toward me, with her hair in her face, Her head kicks back she seems to catch a “sense” of blood, I had been wounded from the fall. She catches a glimpse of what she’d be snacking on soon. So she thinks. I grab a board nearby. She gets closer, now I can see her clearly.



As I scream I feel a shift in my arms, I looked down…

My once lovely wife lounges at me!! Bites me!!

“AAARRGGGHHH!!” I scream as I suddenly realize I’m in a garage
…what the?
… was a dream?
  It was a dream!
 A woman stands above me. “Hey…hey you alright?”





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